Monday, August 28, 2017

Australian Anglican Wisdom

Look, its really only in how to play winning rugby and how to retain prime ministers that Oz lacks wisdom. Within the Anglican Church of Australia, there is wisdom, and here is ++Philip Freier expressing it in relationship to You Know What.


Father Ron Smith said...

" I do not presume to advise others how they should vote, though I myself intend to vote “no”. - Archbishop Philip Freier -

Really? Then what was the point of his exercise?

Peter Carrell said...

The point, Ron, as I see it is:
(a) ++Philip will vote in accordance with his understanding that marriage is between a man and a woman; and such understanding is the doctrine of his church.
(b) Yet ++P recognises considerable differences of views within his church and encourages everyone to participate in the postal referendum to express that diversity.
(c) And he asks in a volatile Oz context re this matter that Anglicans behave well.
I think that is wise leadership.

Andrew Reid said...

If only his wisdom extended to internal relationships within the House of Bishops in the Anglican Church of Australia. Referring godly Bishops to courts doesn't seem wise to me, especially when liberal bishops who have broken church canons have merely been the subject of internal discussions at the Bishops Conference.

Father Ron Smith said...

Perhaps, Andrew, Archbishop Friere is following the urging of a majority of his fellow bishops within the Anglican Church of Australia, who wish to disassociate themselves from the action of a small group of bishops in that Church who lent themselves to an action contrary to the discipline of the Anglican Church of Australia.

Their complicity in the 'ordination' of a schismatic bishop - by ACNA - a schismatic Church in North America - whose intention is to operate in the U.K. with the intention of undermining the authority of the Churches of England and Wales and the Episcopal Church of Scotland - all members of the Anglican Communion, with which the Anglican Church of Australia is affiliated; has been intepreted by Archbishop Friere and his colleagues as being tantamount to the encouragement of acts of schism in the Church.

This is a serious matter for a member Church of the Anglican Communion and has been treated with the disciplinary action that befits the situation.