Thursday, August 3, 2017

Update on Beautiful Anglican Accommodation Post

1. I discovered this morning some comments that had not been published (to various recent posts, including the "beautiful" Anglican accommodation post, 11 July 2017) ... now published.

2. That accommodation post is now "below the fold" and it may help you to get there by posting the link here.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Peter, for the link below the fold. Personally, however, I am not reading or posting any more in that thread.

On one hand, there is only one live argument there on That Topic, and that is Bryden's challenge to my references to the existence of sexual anomalies and to the interpretation of them in light of divine providence. I am not sure why he challenges them, and he may not be sure why I make them, but we can surely discuss that on a shorter thread.

On the other hand, a confluence of things-- an article by papal associates, a shakeup in the White House, some thoughts of Ross Douthat, my own interest in neo-traditionalism (eg Rene Guenon etc)-- have led me to pay more attention to the altconservative view of religion generally, and of Christianity and neo-paganism in particular. That means some hours spent reading Julius Evola and his critics.

I will gladly respond to any thoughts on the responsum from Parador posted here. But since the intriguing thing about that Anglican province is its paradigm of Protestantism-without-modernity, I may understand it all better after the aforementioned reading, which should take a few days.


Bowman Walton