Friday, December 22, 2017

Cathedral Progress

Bit by bit things are falling into place for the reinstatement of our cathedral.

Read here.

This time next year, I wonder what physical progress we will be able to report?

I suppose that will depend on fund$$$raising progress :)


Father Ron Smith said...

Dear Peter, The premise on which our Diocesan Synod agreed to allow the Cathedral to be re-built - that of the City Council and Government agreement made to become responsible for the financial implications - is now coming home to roost.

The aggressive threat of litigation by the GCBT and the politicians involved with the plea for restoration - against the earlier decision of the CPT for demolition and new-build - which caused the Council/Government intervention will now become, hopefully, better understood by the public. The delay can now be seen as a direct action by the GCPT - which must now come up with the finance agreed by them, the CCC and the government to tackle the task.

Effectively, the Church should now be able to sit back and wait for GCBT and its advocates to put their money where their corporate mouths are. However, there will be those in the Community who will blame the Church for the fact that their rates and taxes will be involved in the re-build - without being fully aware of the circumstances behind the Church's dilemma.

Anonymous said...


How did New Zealand come to have dollars rather than pounds or something more indigenous?

As a child I was taught that $, normally with two vertical strokes, was a U superimposed on an S for US. I was surprised to see this used for the official currency of the Blessed Isles. But there are other explanations--


Peter Carrell said...

Hi Bowman
Not sure of the answer to your question but it may have been a concern to make a clear difference between the non-decimal predecessor currency pound and the new decimal currency.
I do not know whether we were following Australia or they followed our lead.
Either way, we are very happy when the NZ dollar makes imported theological books from the Great Publishers of the North cheaper and travel to The Rest of the World less expensive:)