Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Good to go

He's off. Bishop Richard is on his/our 40 Day Walk around the Diocese of Nelson. Walking is good for the body and thus good for the soul. (That's my profound conclusion after walking for about 45 minutes this morning with His Nibs).

Importantly, I think this walk is going to be good for the Diocese. Intimate conversations spring up on walks, and the Bishop will be a captive audience for those who make the effort to walk alongside him. Relationships will deepen with people in the diocese.

A walk like this is also a reminder that the gospel is the gospel of the kingdom (the world everywhere under God's rule) and not the gospel of the church. Bishop Richard is the church walking in the world and not the church expecting the world to walk in the door.

Read a Nelson Mail news story here - keep up with Bishop Richard's blog (link on RHS of this page).

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