Saturday, February 28, 2009

OK. So Ruth Gledhill is a bit of a hero figure too, on this blog

I like Ruth Gledhill's style. She writes it as she sees it. When commenters blow a gasket (examples at end of post noted below) Ruth responds civilly and with reasoned arguments justifying her approach to an issue.

Like a number of journalists she is on the case of "Bishop" Richard Williamson, unrecognised as a bishop by the Vatican but recently recommunicated by them to a chorus of condemnation by the world and its dog since just about any Catholic who matters seems to have known he was a Holocaust denier, except for Benedict XVI himself.

In this post Ruth lines up like ducks at a fair other follies of the Catholic hierarchy.

Her point, in my view, is not so much that the Roman Catholic church is fallible as that all churches are fallible, including those that often carry off the impression that they are not! I would like to think that the Anglican Communion takes some heart - not from the troubles of others but that it is not alone in having troubles!

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