Thursday, February 5, 2009

He ain't mysterious, he's my brother

A few days ago it was reported that some of the usual suspects lurking at Primates Meetings were not to be seen in Alexandria. Needless to say this was aimed at the "right wing" lobbyists of the Communion. There was even a hint that ++Rowan had made it unusually clear that in his mind these people were not to be present, so they should be told to stay away.

Now Changing Attitude reports that 'the mysterious Mr Dobbs' has been seen in and around Alexandria providing transport to ++Peter Akinola. Mr Dobbs being the Rev Canon Julian Dobbs, Canon Missioner to CANA (i.e. Nigeria's North American branch).

Well, to those of us in the Diocese of Nelson, New Zealand, he ain't mysterious, he's one of our brother clergy, having served in our diocese for some 15 years or so!

Go, Julian! Given some of the heresies and strange characters associated with Alexandrian Christianity, being transport officer for a bishop is of no particular significance!!

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