Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Is BO33 toast?

In a month or so TEC's 2009 General Convention will be held in Anaheim, CA. Pressure is mounting to move beyond the last minute resolution of the previous GC, BO33, which requested a moratorium on gay and lesbian bishops in TEC. With the pressure is coming a certain amount of useful funding, for, as you can see below, a top quality video has been produced promoting the case for moving beyond BO33. (H/t to Mark Harris, Preludium)

But is the argument top-quality?

I note this promotion says nothing which addresses the concern of the Anglican Communion, expressed through the Windsor Report, Lambeth 1.10, etc, that Christians should be married or single when living in accordance with the teaching of Scripture.

What do you think?

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Janice said...

I'm a bit bored with this constant appeal to people's "pain" as though suffering is always bad and can never be redemptive. Almost every really important thing I've learned as a follower of Christ has been learned through a crucible of pain. I didn't enjoy any of those experiences when I was going through them but I am very, very glad of what I learned because I got through them. Do we walk by faith or by feelings?

I'm more than a bit bored with the idea that preserving human dignity means allowing humans to do whatever seems right in their own eyes. I am particularly bored with the idea that one's sexual preference ought to be considered an ontological category. Is anyone saying that a sexual preference for, say, pre-pubescent children, or animals, or inanimate objects such as shoes or underwear, should be viewed as tied up with the notion of one's "human dignity"? Is there anything "dignified" about the desire to have sexual intercourse with whatever turns you on, even if such intercourse can never lead to new life? Should we decide that kleptomaniacs are suitable candidates for ordination just because they they find stealing so attractive?

I'm sure I come across as completely unsympathetic to other people's "pain" but I'm not. I'm just unsympathetic to the notion that pain is always wrong, bad and non-redemptive. Even vaccinations cause some slight pain before they confer their great benefit.