Thursday, June 4, 2009

Theological studies too focused on Christianity

Tommy Wasserman, textual critic and contributor to one of the premiere theological blogs (IMHO), Evangelical Textual Criticism, has posted on a report of the National Board of Higher Education in Sweden. He is fearful of what the report will mean for the academic study of theology in Sweden if its recommendations are followed:

"Many institutions (including the three free standing seminaries, and even some of the large faculties like Lund university) were severely criticized for being too focused on Christianity, etc, etc. The board threatens to recommend the government to withdraw the rights to grant degrees, if the institutions do not change a lot of things (our seminary will loose even the right to grant a basic degree in theology, although most of our teachers are PhD's)."

The report in full, in Swedish, is here.

Thankfully our Swedenophile government here in NZ is no longer in power!

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