Saturday, June 13, 2009

Reflections on the rejection of a nomination for TEC episcopacy

Over at Preludium, Mark Harris offers two reflections worth a look at. Both stem from his desire to understand further why TEC is not consenting to the election of a potentially innovative bishop, Kevin Thew Forrester.

In the first reflection, which builds on other reflections as you will see, a brilliant chart is offered by Mark which takes the grid-mapping of current Anglicanism a stage beyond that initially provided by Graham Kings.

In the second reflection (and please read the comments), is a kind of plaintive plea to understand the self-harm done to the body of TEC by this lack of consent which is a 'narrowing' of the possibilities for the manner of life of TEC.

In other words Mark Harris agrees, more or less, with my post below which picks up on a TEC priest's comment that this is a turning point, but with sadness rather than with joy!

God's kingdom is exceedingly broad!

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