Friday, December 23, 2011

The best ever Christmas sermon preached by an atheist?

I notice friends and colleagues drawing attention to this remarkable 'Address-in-Reply' speech by the co-leader of the Green Party, Russel Norman. Someone has already described it in terms of being the best ever Christmas sermon preached by an atheist. I happily concur.

God uses the unlikeliest of servants!

The rest of the speech is here:

You can read a transcript of the 'sermon' here.

Go the Greens!!


Father Ron Smith said...

I agree with your assessment, Peter. Except that, besides being the best sermon preached by any atheist; the sort of values the Greens Leader espouses - love and compassion for the needy and the despised and downtrodden - justice and mercy for all - makes his a better sermon than is sometimes preached by some conservative, Bible-believing, clergy in our so-called Christian Churches.

If God could use Balaam's ass to speak a word of caution to her master, God can certainly use a self-proclaimed 'atheist' - to preach the Gospel to better effect than a 'Believer'

Anonymous said...

prayers for you all after the latest shakes.

The Lord protect you all!


liturgy said...

Thanks for pointing to this, Peter. I will use this on my site in the Christmas Season - with a H/T to you.



Father Ron Smith said...

Thanks, Martin, for your prayer for our protection. It certainly worked. We have had wonderful services in the outdoors at St.Michael's - with a full Midnight mass, 8am PBC, and the Sung Mass at 10am - all without further Shakes - Deo gratias!

A Blessed Christmas Everyone!