Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dean Journeying In Service of the People

Our Dean of Christchurch Cathedral, Peter Beck is resigning his position to take up an opportunity to stand for a position on our city council. Read the story here and here. I have known Peter for a few years, since he was Vicar of St Matthew's in the City, Auckland. A hallmark of his ministry has been serving the people in the community around him. Standing for the council - I think he has a very good chance of succeeding - will be a continuation of that service.


Father Ron Smith said...

What does a Cathedral Dean do, when he's lost his turanga-waewae (place to stand) - his cathedral? If he wants to maximise his ministry, he moves on - just as Peter is now doing. It must be very frustrating to be a Dean without a cathedral. One might now ask, why appoint another Dean until there is some idea of where, when, what and how our new cathedral will be built.

Peter's been a good Dean, It think he'll make an excellent councillor

Anonymous said...

Hmm, more to the story than just that, Ron....


Peter Carrell said...

Hi Martin et al,
I do not mind your drawing attention to a story which is in the media, including appearing in the print media of many Cantabrians this morning when they unrolled their copies of The Press.

However I will not take comments here which discuss that particular story, preferring to follow the bishop (as cited in that story) who is choosing at this time to make "no comment."

Any who feel impelled to comment can comment on the site given above; or alternatively on Anglican Taonga which carries a link and has a comment facility.