Thursday, December 15, 2011

Just too much going on for prolific posting

Light posting this week as the clock runs down for my place of work, Theology House, to find new premises for 2012. We are looking for a place, likely a residential house, to locate ourselves in for 2012 in order to give ourselves breathing space while seeking a more permanent location. That breathing space would allow for some strategic planning, as well for other decisions to be made regarding the Anglican Diocese of Christchurch and its diocesan buildings. The way Christmas and New Year work in NZ (i.e. major annual holiday season) if one does not get some things sorted by Christmas one may as well come back to them in late January ... and I have promised to be out of our temporary premises by 1 February 2011. Four properties to inspect today!

For those who have also been reading Taonga, or for locals reading the Christchurch Press there is an ongoing story, with near daily articles, and many letters to the editor, about the fate and future of our cathedral. This matter is sorely trying the patience of some with high hopes of its restoration and demanding great wisdom on the part of others who are trying to discern what engineers' assessments of damage mean in the context of strong local passions about a building which is no ordinary cathedral. (In my view only Nelson and Christchurch cities in our country have attachments to their Anglican cathedrals tied up with their own identities as cities). Although I am not involved in the 'media story' which is unfolding, it has been distracting on my thinking because there is food for thought in the story: what is the mood and mind of the people of Canterbury in respect of attachment to the cathedral? How do we move forward in respect of the cathedral which is both one of many churches damaged and the great icon of our city? That story and its 'food for thought' is tied into the larger set of matters the Diocesan Strategic Working Group is engaged in: the future of the whole of the Diocese of Christchurch ... a couple of meetings this week being part of the tide moving me away from solid blogging. Oh, that's right, blogging is a hobby not a job: priorities Peter!!

Somehow in the midst of the extraordinary challenges of this year's end, quite a lot of ordinary challenges are also with us - planning programmes, drawing up budgets, attending obligatory feasts and celebrations.

So light posting even as quite a bit of tumult is happening in Anglicanland: Diocese of South Carolina, AMiA (and associated acronyms), IASCUFO's report ... Thinking Anglicans, Taonga, VirtueOnline keep us in touch!

PS The recent cricket test was a bit distracting too this week. Did I mention for Australian readers that New Zealand won by seven runs?

PPS I will take comments here on our cathedral and its future, but not on people mentioned in the Taonga articles ... there is a comment facility there.

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