Sunday, April 1, 2012

Palm Sunday

Songs for Holy Week (1)

Verse 1:

I see the king of glory

Coming on the clouds with fire

The whole earth shakes

The whole earth shakes


Verse 2:

I see his love and mercy

Washing over all our sin

The people sing

The people sing




Hosanna in the highest



Hosanna in the highest

Verse 3:

I see a generation

Rising up to take their place

With selfless faith

With selfless faith

Verse 4:

I see a near revival

Stirring as we pray and seek

We're on our knees

We're on our knees



Heal my heart and make it clean

Open up my eyes to the things unseen

Show me how to love like you have loved me

Break my heart from what breaks yours

Everything I am for your kingdoms cause

As I go from Earth* to


(chorus x2)

Hosanna in the highest

*Corrected from "nothing" in original posting.


Father Ron Smith said...

"Everything I am for your kingdoms cause

"As I go from nothing to

Eternity" - unquote -

The theology, like a lot of popular songs from the 'Big-Band' modern 'pentecostal' age, just a little bit suspect, Peter? Tune's good!

So Jesus went to the Cross to redeem NOTHING? All of God's human creation - NOTHING?

I do prefer The English Hymnal. At least we get some decent 'lyrics'.

Bryden Black said...

Thanks for these imminent postings for Holy Week, Peter. Perhaps to balance the books for the likes of Ron, we might have Thomas Tallis’s sensational 40 part Motet, Spem in Alium, the Peter Phillips version perhaps, though Harry Christophers’ is good enough! Of course, Hillsong’s From the Inside Out should appease Ron all the same ...

Anonymous said...

The final line there is actually

"As I go from Earth into Eternity"

and from a Kiwi too :) We did this one just yesterday :)


Father Ron Smith said...

I wonder, was the original posting by the Host of ADU, or by the songster?
The word 'Earth' is a bit more like theology - a good sub. for 'Nothing'

Peter warned me about false postings. Is this another one. The Palm Sunday story was picked up from his links. Can I trust those links any more?

I do remember with fondness the tradition of plainchant. Much more soulful than the Big Band.

Father Ron Smith said...

"As I go from earth to all eternity"

But you're still here, Ben what happened?

Peter Carrell said...

If Ben is a good Calvinist Anglican (like me :) ) then every celebration of the eucharist is an upwards journey into the eternal realms!