Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday round up

I still do not see the Press publishing the response of the Diocese of Christchurch to the articles (and subsequent letters) about the Cathedral's request for a Council grant to help with running costs for the transitional cathedral.

Bishop Kelvin Wright, in town for a meeting of our bishops, has a superb post on his trip around the red zone yesterday.

Taonga carries a report on the meeting of the bishops, but I have written to the Taonga editorial board and questioned whether their note about the open letter of a group of evangelical Anglicans is fairly reported on: I have seen the letter and I do not think they are threatening to leave our church.

Commenters here might like to look at the last few comments on my post below re lay presidency. There I try to offer an example of how an otherwise fine comment veers into ad hominem comment. I welcome comments here but the simple lessons I need to keep emphasising are: do not use "you" language about another person, and ESPECIALLY do not make presumptions about what other commenters think, do or might do as a speculative extrapolation on your part. If I make some liberal noises about one matter it does not make me a liberal ... if I support penal substitutionary atonement it does not make me a fundamentalist ... if I admire the current Pope it does not mean I am a Papist ... do we get the point? I hope so!

Otherwise I am off to Synod and offline for the rest of the day, maybe even the night!


Father Ron Smith said...

See you at Synod, Peter - after Mass.
My prayer will be that the Holy spirit rules in our Synod today. Agape.

Simon said...

Peter - so what did the 'group of Evangelical Anglicans' write about, and what led to their letter being mentioned in the Taonga report? Have the already put it in the public domain themselves?

Peter Carrell said...

Hi Simon
I now think the letter was not open to the world but merely sent to the bishops. Effectively it was a request to the bishops that in any future/imminent moves in our church re the blessing of same sex partnerships that they give conservative Anglicans of what regard they have for them in respect of any such moves.