Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday in Holy Week (with note about Chch cathedral)

Never let it be said that ADU is not catholic ... at least in taste: Tommy Tallis zooms into Holy Week favour with this song

Spem in alium

Spem in alium nunquam habui
praeter in te, Deus Israel,

qui irasceris et propitius eris,

et omnia peccata hominum

in tribulatione dimittis.

Domine Deus, creator caeli et terrae

respice humilitatem nostram.


My hope have I never put in any

but in you, God of Israel,

who will be angry and again be gracious,

and who forgives all the sins of humanity

in their time of trial.

Lord God, Creator of heaven and earth,

have regard for our lowliness.

Thomas Tallis (1505-85)
As well, I note here a very heartening initiative from Christchurch church leaders who have written and signed a letter of unified support for Bishop Victoria Matthews in respect of the controversy here about our decision to deconstruct our cathedral.


Father Ron Smith said...

Ah1 'Spem in Alium' by Thomas Tallis.

You'd probably have to come to the original pro-cathedral church of St.Miachael and All Angels, this year, to hear this glorious tribute sung in the original Latin language.

In St. Michael's you have the chance to hear more 'good music' like this over the Great Triduum. Latin, Greek and English words from Scripture and Tradition will be sung - accompanied by all the glorious liturgical actions of the Holy Week and Easter Season.

Welcome to all those who love the tradition. We promise - no
big bands'. Agape.

Pageantmaster said...

You have posted my favorite choral version. Late at night, in my prayers, I light a candle, turn out the lights, turn up the volume and am transported to the gate of the courts of the King.

God bless you.