Wednesday, June 6, 2012

One cathedral to rule over them all

Our intrepid cathedral journeyers are now posting their photos and reflections on the internet.

Grace Cathedral, San Francisco

St. Mary's Cathedral, San Francisco [I have added this, 8 June 2012, a second link was emailed to the Diocese today but I cannot get that to work. I really don't like the Jubilee church. Too stark. Our current cathedral has some warmth to it. Plus, I think more and more, having been prompted recently about this, if we are to have a new cathedral then, we must have one which is anchored into the South Pacific, not into Europe or America.]

These reflections are excellent - posing great questions.

My reaction from afar: neither of the first two cathedrals is the cathedral for Christchurch, but aspects of each could be incorporated into ours.

We are looking for one cathedral to rule over them all.

Perhaps we will only find it when we build it!

But I need to add a postscript, the movement to save the current cathedral in Christchurch continues apace, including a thoughtful and fairly irenic article in this morning's Press. An interesting shift seems to be going on in the focus of the arguments: no longer blaming Bishop Victoria and the Diocese for the loss of the cathedral, but appealing instead to the government to save the cathedral in the 'national' interest.

But, in a later postscript, I note that the Queen herself is not going to be able to persuade the PM to change his mind.


Rev. Andy Carley said...

Peter said: "Perhaps we will only find it when we build it!"

So following on from that line of thought...

If we build it will they come? Or will it be another field of dreams!!

Andy C

Peter Carrell said...

Well, Andy, they built the Addington "Field of Dreams" cathedral, and people are coming to it!

Andrew Reid said...

If you're looking for one cathedral to rule them all, perhaps one of these designs would be appropriate?

Kurt said...

I think that one would want to save what one can from the old cathedral and incorporate these pieces into the new cathedral, e.g., stained glass, statues, memorials, etc. Even a modern or post-modern structure can incorporate Gothic Revival elements if it is done creatively.

For example, take St. Thomas Dupont Circle in Washington, DC:

Kurt Hill
Brooklyn, NY

Peter Carrell said...

All suggestions, whether of the utilitarian or aesthetic kind are welcomed here :)

Father Ron Smith said...

Peter, you observe that not even the Queen is going to change John Key's mind about the disposition of the Cathedral ruins. And that is as it should be. Her Gracious Majesty has enough to deal with on her own patch in the U.K.

I'm surprised you didn't mention the scurrilous paid advertisement (paid by whom, I wonder) placed by His Malevolence, 'The Wizard', in today's Press. His posing of God against the Powers of Evil can be presumed to represent our Bishop on one side and himself on the other. Quite apposite, I think, in the circumstances.

I know which 'pointy hat' I would sooner throw in my lot with.

Peter Carrell said...

Hi Ron,
And I could have mentioned too the finely written article by Sam Mahon which managed to be polite.

I am afraid the Wizard's last advertisement cost me quite a bit of time and energy protesting it with the Press' management, and sending in a formal complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority. I have no wish to be subject to further rule of the Wizard over my time :)