Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lambeth Stakes: Dark Horse placing fourth (currently)

The Lead helpfully keeps us up to date with the 'race' to Lambeth. From there we can go to a very handy table of what the various English bookies think is going to happen. On this table my 'dark horse' candidate is coming fourth. The frontrunner is Christopher Cocksworth. This shows that the bookies know people I know who think similarly (or know people who know people who I know think similarly)!

There is at least one point of interest about this table. Some English bishops are just a little bit 'out there' when it comes to controversy. Nick Baines and Tom Wright spring to mind. Yet they figure quite highly on the table, 10th and 12th respectively. Either the bookies are nuts, or clever (taking peoples' bets!), or there are some backers for these bishops, and the bookies are onto that fact.

We shall see!


Father Ron Smith said...

Not a gambling man myself, but hey; whatever works for you, Peter.

I was not even impressed by Urim and Thingamebob in the O.T., either

I reckon the Holy spirit might be working overtime on this one!

Jesus mercy; Mary pray.

Anonymous said...

John Sentamu would be a good choice, though I suspect faux "conservative" David Cameron would not be pleased.