Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Stretching the truth Down Under

I know we Kiwis are meant to love our neighbours as ourselves. Which means Aussies, as they are basically our only neighbours to one side or the other of us. (There are other neighbours to the north, and penguins to the south). But have you ever tried loving someone who tells porkies? It is quite difficult loving someone who just stretches the truth. So, this morning in the Sydney Morning Herald, we read this (please, fellow Kiwis, swallow your cornflakes before reading the next sentence):

"For the past 18 months or so, Lydia Ko was Australia and New Zealand's little secret. Now, however, the eyes of the golfing world have been opened to her phenomenal talent after her victory in the Canadian Women's Open at the weekend."

?????? "Australia and New Zealand" ??????

She's ours mate! Ko is Kiwi, pure, simple and exclusively. Stick to claiming Pavlova as yours as well as ours. Have a love in for Robbie Deans, yours and ours rugby coach. But do not claim Ko as yours when she is not!

ADU will resume comment on Anglican matters when some basic matters of injustice are put to rights!


Janice said...

New Zealand was originally part of the colony of New South Wales. You are family. Therefore all your triumphs, trophies and tragedies are belong to us too. But you can keep your short vowels.

Peter Carrell said...

We are a proud and independent dominion, Janice, having left both the mother country and the mother colony years ago. Why, we have even developed our own independent version of Inglish!

Janice said...

Well, it was worth a go.

Father Ron Smith said...

As far as cordial relationships are concerned - between Aussie and N.Z. - what is the common factor between the Sydney and Nelson Diocese? And why is this aspect of commonality in any way different from that of other Anglican dioceses in the two countries?

Father Ron Smith said...

Dear Janice, re 'short vowels':

Which is easier to say:

Fush'n'chups (N.Z.), or

Feesh end cheeps (Aust) ?

Anonymous said...

But is it easier to write with a pin?
& is it safer being defended by the mulletry?


Andrew Reid said...

It reads to me like she is known in Aus and NZ, not that Aus is claiming her as our own together with NZ. We'll save that for Russell Crowe and the Finn brothers :)