Friday, August 3, 2012

Reasons for NZ Merging with Australia

(5) Australia could feel less bad about how few golds they win at the Olympics. For instance, a merger of our two nations right now would triple the number of golds Australia has won so far.

Later, a sixth reason occurs:

(6) Australia could feel really good about how NZ merging with it would mean that right now we would quadruple the number of golds Australia has won so far without NZ.


Anonymous said...

I still chuckle at Piggy's words: 'Every Kiwi who goes there raises the IQ of both countries.'
Seriously: do you want your children to grown up playing aerial ping pong?


Bryden Black said...

Ah; Martin! But a good AFL final at the MCG is such FUN!

Anonymous said...

Yes, those little shorts always bring a tear to my eye!


MichaelA said...

Hey, winning gold isn't everything...! ;o)

Father Ron Smith said...

I thought that Sydney, Australia, had already merged with Nelson, N.Z. Or is that only Anglican Dioceses

Peter Carrell said...

Er, Ron, Nelson (along with its present and previous bishop) is well known for the charismatic flavour to its evangelicalism; Sydney is well known for the non-charismatic flavour to its evangelicalism (some of its teaching presbyters might even be described as a bit 'anti-charismatic') ... merging? I don't think so!