Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A great Anglican

We can over use the adjective 'great' and I am guilty of the sin myself. But at risk of sinning I venture to suggest that a great Anglican has just died, the Right Reverend Kenneth Cragg, at the grand age of 99.

I never met the man but his seminal work The Call of the Minaret made an impression on me, as on its many readers for it has not been out of print since its first edition in 1956. Arguably no greater Christian work exists which enables Christians to engage with the heart and soul of Islam.

A lovely tribute to this evangelical Anglican scholar, bishop and pastor has been published by Fulcrum.


Anonymous said...

I heard him about 25 years ago - a brilliant scholar whose mind was still cutting into new thoughts. His grasp of the Trinity and how this spoke into Islamic concerns and concepts was profound and illuminating for Christians.


Father Ron Smith said...

Bishop Kenneth Cragg was not only one of the best Anglican scholars of both Islam and Judaism; he was also a reconciler - in the Spirit of Jesus.

His eirenic outreach to both Muslims and Jews was a great example of non-prejudice against other religious traditions - that he saw as fellow descendants of the Abrahamic Line.