Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Our common imbecility

The last presidential address of the ABC to the ACC (or any international Anglican gathering for that matter) has been given and the whole text is here.

I suggest reading it with this news item about the bits and pieces of ACC being gathered up for Indaba-ization (i.e. further talk on Hegelian lines) along with an un-Hegelian perceptive and frank interview of Philip Ashey by David Virtue.

++Rowan makes a good point or two about authority in his talk. The question is whether it is Christ-like talk or not. Christ certainly exhibited and encouraged enabling authority. But there was some corrective authority as well.

In particular we might ask of a phrase ++Rowan himself uses, "our common imbecility," whether that aspect of humanity ever needs the firm hand of corrective authority to deal with it.

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