Friday, November 30, 2012

Confused? So is TEC!

If you are a little confused by what is going on in South Carolina you are not going senile, demented or otherwise mad. It is genuinely confusing to have the legally incorporated Diocese of South Carolina being pursued by TEC (via charges against its bishop (the canonically consecrated and enthroned) Mark Lawrence, charges, more or less, that he has been derelict in his duties of obeisance to TEC while attempting to be faithful to God), while simultaneously TEC is setting up an alt.Diocese of South Carolina.

Actually, just to make you really mad in your confusion it is more confusing than that. What I am attempting with logical precision to call the 'alt.Diocese of South Carolina' is being described by TEC officials as the genuine Diocese of South Carolina (meaning the genuinely genuine Diocese of South Carolina, in the eyes of that Diocese of South Carolina, is the former Diocese of South Carolina).

Meantime, rather than falling over the fiscal cliff which may be the fate of all Americans if Obama cannot seal a deal with Boehner, why not fall off the cliff of confusion with this final piece of absurdity: the charges remain against Bishop Mark Lawrence, presumably because the allegedly former Diocese of South Carolina is not quite former (since if it was then Mark Lawrence would no longer be a bishop, nor would be remain an Episcopalian subject to Episcopal discipline).

It may be that I am missing something what with being a rather boring person who lives in just one universe at a time rather than in parallel universes. I have a feeling that in parallel universes none of the above would be confusing.

Anyway, I can only leave you to see for yourselves what is what ... here ... and I disclaim all responsibility for any confusion you may incur as a result.


Bryden Black said...

Now really Peter! The answer is really terribly simple: 42! ... With apologies to babel fish ...

carl jacobs said...

So then, Bryden Black

You must provide the answer to the Ultimate Question of TEC, Episcopalianism, and Everything. Is TEC Liturgy worse than Vogon poetry?


Bryden Black said...

So long; and thanks for all the fish!

Tregonsee said...

History is full of times when the "best and brightest" were delusional. They range from the tragicomic Tulip Bubble to any number of revolutions, wars, coups, etc. As an American, and cradle Episcopalian who left at age 58, it is more than disconcerting to see it played out here.

Undergroundpewster said...

It is all infinitely improbable, and thus proves the existence of the Infinite Improbability Drive.