Sunday, July 7, 2013

Good grief, I did not expect that

They say God is a God of surprises. And I am surprised to learn that Glynn Cardy is leaving the Anglican church for the Presbyterian Church, as announced here. (H/T Chris Nimmo commenting below).

That is,

"This morning I told St Matthew’s, my spiritual home for the last 9 years, that I’m leaving. I’ve accepted a position with St Luke’s Presbyterian Church in Remuera. I have many happy memories to take with me, and so much aroha from so many people – from both the church and wider community.

I look forward to getting to know a new community, a new denomination, and all the opportunities that will inevitably arise."

Wow! Glynn, if you are reading this, I wish you well :)

Tuesday: An article in the Herald is here.


Father Ron Smith said...

Well, I guess, if the Dean of Wellington can be a former Baptist, it should not be too great a jump for an Anglican priest to become a Presbyterian minister. At least, the theology has a little more in common.

Does this mean that Presbyterians are more in tune with the need to accommodate everyone in the mission of Jesus Christ than those of us who are Anglican?

All the best, Glynn in your new ministry!

Anonymous said...

The current rule of the Presbyterian church (in force since 2004) is:

The church may not accept for training, license, ordain or induct anyone involved in a sexual relationship outside of faithful marriage between a man and a woman.

This rule, which was confirmed at two separate General Assemblys as required under the Barrier Act, was carried by 65 percent in favour.

Anonymous said...

Lefty vicar outside orthodoxy, nek minnit ....

Martin bar Levi

Anonymous said...

Anglicanism in NZ certainly must be entertaining! When you bring in a Baptist as a Cathedral Dean, and now send an Anglican Priest off to be a Presbyterian minister, there really does appear to be an identity crisis. Don't folks know what they believe and where they belong? I find this degree of "flexibility" absolutely amazing!

Father Ron Smith said...

"I find this degree of flexibility absolutely amazong" - "Fatherd -

In the same way, i guess, as the Pharisees did, when Jesus accepted prostitutes and sinners as worthy of redemption!