Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New Dean for Napier Cathedral

Congratulations to Michael Godfrey (ex-pat Kiwi currently in Oz) who will be the new Dean of Napier Cathedral.

Later: the Taonga report on Michael and his life story is now here.

Talking of deans, Bishop Justin Duckworth interviews his new dean, Digby Wilkinson, here.


hogsters said...

in the interview there is an encouraging array of books as the backdrop. to whom do they belong?

Chris D said...

All books belong in Digby's office...

Peter Carrell said...

Hi Janice
I write to acknowledge you have reported via a comment posted to me that Michael signed a petition 'here' supporting same-sex marriage. Is that 'here', the Northern Territory? Was it a church or secular petition? Are you able to give a link in support of your report?

If such support has been given by the Dean-elect, it would be well received in the Diocese of Waiapu.

Peter Carrell said...

Thanks Janice for further correspondence, reporting in that,

"His name is 48th on a list of clergy who signed a letter written to Australian Marriage Equality, "calling on Australians to show their support for marriage equality by making submissions to the Senate Inquiry and the House Representatives inquiry into same-sex marriage." The quote comes from AME's submission to the Inquiry. The submission includes the list of names of clergy.

It can be found here or if that doesn't work try here and click on Attachment 8 at section 30 (Australian Marriage Equality).

[The two links are, , and ]

The report was published in mid 2012 so, yes, I'm presuming that he signed the petition/letter while in the NT."

PC: As I said in the previous comment, I see nothing here which is at variance with the direction of the Diocese of Waiapu, e.g. its stated support for the blessing of same sex partnerships.

MIchael Godfrey said...

I should probably respond to that:

Yes I signed the petition. I do believe, after years of soul-searching, that marriage-equality is the right way forward, as marriage itself goes through one of its great historical re-definitions. I did not take the step lightly, and I would not want to wear labels of "conservative" or "liberal" or anything else on that (or any) basis.

The petition was an Australian nation wide one. I am still in the NT as I post this, enjoying the last remnants of heaven-sent warmth that I shall experience before plunging back to Aotearoa's icy climes.

You will find me boringly conservative (whatever that means), I'm afraid.