Saturday, July 13, 2013

Measle epidemic could help Communion

Whether the Communion splits or stays together does not depend on one man, let alone the Archbishop of Canterbury. But I am more than prepared to say that he is more influential on the future of the Communion than many men or women. Perhaps, one might argue, he is more important than all the Anglican bloggers put together :) (Not that we are much of a force. We rarely agree with each other).

Anyway, we should keep in touch with ++Justin's thinking and what better way than via the reporting of Charles Moore.

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Bryden Black said...

‘And when he talks to God, is he speaking to Jesus or God the Father? “I don’t ask for his passport,” says the Archbishop, unconsciously echoing what he has told me about his father’s age. “I haven’t quite done the theology of this, but I think such communication is the work of the Spirit of God.”’ A delightful exegesis of Luke 11:1-13! Trinitarian measles?

And may his own evangelical-cum-sacramental expression of Faith, which parallel Francis I’s unique integration of Ignatian and Franciscan spirituality, assist mightily in his leadership of any whose allegiance would be to God above all else.