Thursday, September 5, 2013

In breaking news ...

A new bishop for Waikato and Taranaki Diocese.

Follow Up

Thinking Anglicans has a digest here.

Taonga report is here.

Liturgy makes comment here, especially about the special character of the Diocese of Waikato and Taranaki and the numerology of the bishops in/of that Diocese.

On numerology, noting Bosco Peters' post let me concentrate on 'firsts'.

Helen-Ann Hartley is/will be the first ...

female priest ordained in the Church of England to be elected a bishop in the Anglican Communion

woman bishop of Waikato / in Waikato and Taranaki

bishop elected for the Diocese of Waikato and Taranaki (it was only named so in 2010)

pakeha priest with a theological doctorate to be elected bishop since 1990.


Father Ron Smith said...

"Mrs Hartley and her husband Myles will move to the Waikato in December, and be installed as bishop in February." - Waikato Times -

This must be the first joint-bishops appointment in the Anglican Communion, surely? Unless, of course, the Waikato Times got it wrong. (tongue removed from cheek)

Joking aside; this must be a very pleasing appointment - especially to those of us who have heard Dr. Helen-Ann Hartley speaking in her capacity as a theological educator.

Dr. Harley's provenance - including her experience as N.T. and Biblical Studies Lecturer at Ripon College, Cuddeston (U.K.) will stand her in good stead as a bishop in ACANZP, where her predecessor, Archbishop David Moxon, was part of a team set up in the Anglican Communion to encourage a new approach to the study of hermeutics.

Also, her illustrious theological education at several world-renowned institutes will have prepared her for the rigour of intellectual debate on modern pastoral issues facing the Church in the coming decade. We welcome this refreshing addition to the College of Bishops.

Anonymous said...

Good news. This was kept very quite right up to the last minute, as Megs and I, who know Helen-Ann personally, were taken completely by surprise.

A good appointment.