Saturday, September 28, 2013

One direction for God

I heard a quote from Bonhoeffer the other night I had never heard before. A response to suggestions he join the 'German Christians':

"If you board the wrong train, it is no use running along the corridor in the other direction."

One can think of directions Anglicans want to go in and make the same response ...


Father Ron Smith said...

I suppose, Peter, it all depends on what you perceive to be 'the wrong direction' - away from, or towards your true objective. In any case, you're stuck until the train stops.
The only advice I could offer is: "Don't start a journey you're not prepared to finish".

Peter Carrell said...

Sometimes, Ron, I feel the church is looking for direction at a point on its great journey which reminds me of the Irishman asked how to get to village such and such. He thinks for a minute and then says, "Well, if I was going there, I wouldn't start from here."

Father Ron Smith said...

And that reminds me, Peter, of another one - about uncertainty:

Pat and Mike were in a car going rapidly down hill when Pat, the driver, discovered they had no breaks. Mike, sensing there was something out of kilter, voiced his concern. It's alright, Mike said, no need to panic, there's a 'stop' sign at the bottom of the hill.

Happy Michaelmas. Peter!

We had a lovely ikon-studded Vigil- Reflection at St. Michael's this evening - as a preface to our Patronal Festival, tomorrow, and looking forward to our Primatial Visit at the 7pm High Mass.

Anonymous said...

It's exactly this kind of casual hibernophobia that we've been struggling against and we won't stop until everyone of God's verdant people is esteemed!

Martin O'Sean
Information Officer,
An Poblacht

Anonymous said...

There is another choice - disembark from the 'A' train and board the Orthodox train, as I'm about to do.


Father Ron Smith said...

Michael, I'm horrified to think that you might have taken umbrage at my innocent little joke. I have a great regard for my Irish friends, and would not like them to think I engaged in Hiberniphobia. Mea Culpa.

My profound apology to All the Irish!

Anonymous said...

And, in my view, Simon is correct; how much dialogue, wrestling with the issues and unity in diversity can there be? Go Catholic, though, because we get the Nicene Creed.


Anonymous said...

We Gaels and Lisburnians accept your unconditional withdrawal of hibernophobic remarks.

Jokes about Kerrymen are still OK.

Brigade Commander,
New Munster

MichaelA said...

Father Ron,

If you apologise to all the Irish, you're bound to offend some of them!

Anonymous said...

Nick at September 29, 2013 at 5:53 PM

I could never no go ROMAN catholic.

All laud to Laud.