Friday, September 27, 2013

You won't read much this year that's better written than this

Warning: if you are grieving it might be best to leave reading this biographical essay by Walter Russell Mead a while.


Tim Chesterton said...

Thank you for posting this, Peter. My own father died of complications from Parkinson's Disease on August 12th, and his oldest brother died three days later. I found a lot of connections with the author of this blog post, especially the detail about his father looking after his mother; so it was with my Mum looking after my Dad for the last few, very difficult, years.

I haven't mentioned this before on this blog, but if any of your readers are interested, I've posted a reflection on my Dad's life on my own blog:

Dr Edward Prebble said...

My thanks also, Peter.
With my mother turning 95 last week, and my mother-in-law who lives with us turning 89 at the end of the year, I know that this is the sort of thing out family will be dealing with soon.
I hope we will be able to do so with the same grace.