Friday, June 13, 2014

Facing horror with the Book of Revelation

I'll make yesterday's indication of what my next post will be 'my next post but one'. The unfolding horror in Iraq as forces too hot for Al Qaeda to handle take over key cities causing hundreds of thousands to flee leads me to this post. Within these multitudes are Christians taking a sober estimate of what will befall them if they remain. There will be many Christians already dead on the streets of Ninevah as these forces impose their evil will on those who do not see life through their narrow Islamic lenses.

One post I read mentions Revelation 16:12-16. It is indeed apt as blood runs down the Euphrates.

At times like this I find it hard to know what to do. Even praying is difficult as, to be honest, it seems like nothing will save countless brothers and sisters in Christ from experiencing the outpouring of hatred against them.

But it has struck me that this is why Revelation is included in the canon of Scripture. It's unvarnished vision of the horror of evil bitterly imposing its deathly grip on the human population, as well as on the saints means that Scripture faces rather than runs away from the power of death. At such times the message is not to pray (though there is no message to cease praying) but to endure.

For no matter how vicious the assault of the satanic forces, Revelation also assures us that the power of the slain Lamb is greater than that of the beast. There is a new heaven and a new earth.


Anonymous said...

Amen .. so be it.
Rosemary Behan

Mark said...

Hi Peter

When you read about what's happening in Iraq and elsewhere it just makes you want to hang your head in despair at the death of not just fellow believers in Christ but fellow human beings. It seems all you can do is bring that despair before God. I don't know that there's anything else you can do. Be thankful for the saving power of Christ that is greater than any power of death.

Another thought that came to mind: isn't it odd that this blog item about real and current human tragedy hasn't attracted any comments (mine excluded obviously) compared to most of your more recent ones?


Howard Pilgrim said...

A timely post, Peter. Now as I recall, you once did some intensive study on how angels figure in the Book of Revelation. How do you think they figure in this present situation then?

Peter Carrell said...

Hi Mark / Howard

Mark: a few comments now!

Howard: at the moment it seems like the angel of death holds sway.

Unknown said...

Hi Peter,For those of us who take the authority of Scripture seriously,this is both a sad but very pertinent time.Now,as never before,the followers of Christ need to remain constant in Him.We need to pray for those facing these perils,that they have courage and fortitude;and to provide whatever help we can.It certainly brings the issues we face into perspective.It is,because of the need for a strong and focused Church in the times ahead;that I question where Gen.Synod is leading us.We do not have the power to stop the anti-christ from appearing but we should not be conforming the Church to his standards.As children,we used to sing a refrain,which from memory went:Dare to be a Daniel,dare to stand alone,dare to have a purpose true,and dare to make it known.Blessings.

Father Ron Smith said...

The problem with fundamentalist religion is that it so quickly divides its own sodality - usually on grounds of ritual purity.