Friday, June 6, 2014

Handy Flowchart

Richard Dawkins has been making waves again, this time attacking fairytales, or not. The following flowchart, by Dean Burnett, may prove handy:


Jean said...

Gave me a good laugh to start the morning the 'impracticality of a frog turning into a prince' reminded me so much of a comment likely to come out of the mouth of my pragmatic young nephew.

One can feel a certain sympathy for Richard with the presses unique ability of taking comments out of context, or focusing on the most unworthwhile pursuits such as another article linked on the same page defaming Mother Theresa. Gosh no hope for many of us if she falls short of ethical standards.

Bryden Black said...

One wonders what the next set of forks might be labelled.

Father Ron Smith said...

Never ddi trust these 'flow charts'. You never can be sure whether they're the right way up.