Friday, June 27, 2014

Spanky Moore to grace Ilam Fields

The Christchurch Diocesan Mission Team is in a happy(ish) state of transformation as changes take place. One of the team leaves soon for St John's College. Another has just had a baby. Today it has become public that Spanky Moore, sometimes known as Joshua Moore, Young Adults Co-ordinator for the Diocese of Christchurch will become Senior Chaplain to the University of Canterbury (aka Ilam Fields). (A half-time appointment so the Young Adults work will continue).

It is a 'happy(ish)' state of transformation as our happiness is for the individuals concerned and the 'ish' part is the challenge of taking the work done to date forward.

Back to Spanky's appointment ...

A promo article, sourced I believe from within the university itself, is worth reading on Taonga. I am sure an article written from within the church would have omitted the raw meat throwing and told us about the brilliance of the Salt and Light movement - a flourishing series of young adult events through the past few years.

Anyway, best person for the job and all that. Spanky is one of the best communicators I have ever come across in my life and I look forward to seeing him make gospel waves at my alma mater.

I originally posted this prematurely two days ago and then withdrew it. The post is slightly rewritten from then.


Peter Carrell said...

When originally posted a few days ago the following two comments were received:

Jean said...
That's great the Salt and Light sessions sounded like a stimulating initiative.


Blogger Caleb said...
Great news!

Father Ron Smith said...

From the linked article we learn that 'Spanky's former provenance is as a 'failed rock musician' - the source from whence many young vocations to the Church have been found.

This makes one old fuddy-duddy priest better understand the origins of Salt and Light - as the inspiration for the current sparklers in ACANZP.

Lets hope Canterbury University doesn't now major on the production of musical rockfests - rather than the music of the great composers.

Jean said...

No need to worry about that one Ron, just attend the next Parachute Festival : )

Father Ron Smith said...

I do remember, Jean, during the Second world war, when a parachute landed in our garden with a land-mine. Fortunately, it didn't go off!
I saw divine providence at work early on in my life.

Any comparisons here?

Jean said...

Sure Father Ron, you will witness a lot of divine providence in the lives of young people at such an event... : )