Monday, August 3, 2015

Sacred and Spiritual Links - Monday 3rd August 2015

Last night I had the privilege of leading the induction service for Josh Taylor (middle) as the new Vicar of Highfield, Kensington and Otipua. Spanky Moore was the preacher. Photo by Grant Bennett.

The links below are supplied by a UK colleague:

#1 Bishop Abraham Nhial on Christ being our food and provision; #2 Talks from the June Evangelical Ministry Assembly including from Vaughan Roberts; #3 more from the Keswick Convention; #10 prayers needed for Northern Nigeria and Pastors facing death sentences in Sudan and an ill Asia Bibi imprisoned in Pakistan and Pastor Lim in North Korea.

Prayers for you for the coming week.

1. God feeds us [John 6:1-21] together with a talk and Q&A - Bishop Abraham Nhial - Christ St Pauls Audio [Bishop of Awiel, South Sudan and a former 'lost boy']

2. Talk from Vaughan Roberts in 'Talks from the Evangelical Ministry Assembly Conference 2015' on the theme: “Identity Crisis: Preaching to a Confused World” - Speakers: Christopher Ash [Cornhill Training], Tim Keller [Redeemer NY], Andrew Reid [Holy Trinity Doncaster], Vaughan Roberts [St Ebbes, Oxford],Bruce Ware [Southern Baptist Theological Seminary], John Wyatt [University College, London]

3.Talks from the Keswick Convention 2015 - Clayton TV [see listing on left for Liam Goligher talks]

4. Preaching Ideas and Commentary - Rev Peter Carrell

5. The Sunday Readings - Rev Stephen Trott

6. The bells of St. Edward's, Stow-on-the-Wold in Gloucestershire - BBC Radio 4

7. Choral Evensong from Hereford Cathedral during the 300th Three Choirs Festival - sung by the Choirs of Hereford, Gloucester and Worcester Cathedrals - BBC Radio 3

8. Sunday Hour - BBC Radio 2

9. Archived Choral services over the Summer from the chapels of King's College Cambridge
and St John's College, Cambridge
and Trinity College, Cambridge
and New College, Oxford

Please pray for Rev Yat Michael and Rev Peter Reith under threat of death in Sudan at a hearing on 5th August and for Asia Bibi very ill in prison in Pakistan; for the persecuted church in North Korea [Pastor Lim] and China: for Malaysia and for Nigeria; and for the Diocese of South Carolina.

10. Topical Prayers - Church of England
Sudan:  Please pray for South Sudanese pastors Rev Yat Michael and Rev Peter Yein Reith whose verdict/sentence may be given on 5th August - Release International
Pakistan: Asia Bibi 'extremely sick
Malaysia: Archbishop Bolly Lapok's request for prayer for Malaysia’s welfare - Borneo Post
Nigeria: Pray for Nigeria with resources - CSW
North Korea: Canada pastor held in North Korea 'confesses' to trying to overthrow state - Reuters
China: Christians and lawyers oppose cross removals
'South Carolina:Prayers from Lent and Beyond

11. Sunday Programme with Edward Stourton - BBC Radio 4

Food for thought
12. Soul Survivor proves the Church has a pulse - Martin Saunders - CT
'Dying for Christianity' - Guardian quotes Open Doors
Evidence for the Historical Jesus: Is the Jesus of History the Christ of Faith? - Professor Gary Habermas - free pdf download
and the talks can be listened to here:
under 'The Evidence For The Historical Jesus'
Ebola vaccine is 'potential game-changer' - BBC News
From crime to Christianity: Jordan’s story - CEN


13. Jordan's Story - Church Army

14. I am yours - St Paul's Auckland Worship

15. Church planting in New Zealand

God bless you


Father Ron Smith said...

Good to see Father Spanky supporting his brother clergy-person. Was this a funky Mass, Peter, or a plain 'Institution'?

Peter Carrell said...

Only the photo was funky, Ron!
The Institution was 'by the book' :)

Bryden Black said...

Congrats Josh! And may you be mightily blessed so that you may be a blessing to Timaru in the days and years ahead. Love to those two women in your life: cyber hugs!

Father Ron Smith said...

I know that 'to the pure all things are pure', but does Bryden need to refer to the TWO women in Spankey's life? This could well cause scandal in the territory of conservative evangelicalism!

Bryden Black said...

I think Ron some light has dawned! I think I may have stumbled upon why you find what I mostly say difficult:
JOSH was my addressee, and this ex colleague from St C's has two delightful women in his life, Jo his wife and Phobe their daughter ...

Father Ron said...

Thanks, Bryden for the clarification. Just one point. The daughter's name:
'Phobe' and not Phoebe'?

Bryden Black said...

Enjoy the typo pun Ron!!

Chris Spark said...

Very excited for Josh and for Timaru - was very sad to miss the induction, glad to hear it went well.
There are two (key) women in Spanky's life too - the same arrangement as Josh's :)