Saturday, August 15, 2015

There's still money in good news books!

Last weekend I hinted at this week being even more interesting than the interesting week I had just had. In some ways, personally speaking, it has been as I have had opportunity to have interesting conversations with interesting people, none of which should appear here because no one was being interviewed in those conversations for this blog. There is one point of wider interest I did have in mind which could be discussed, but why don't I save that till next week?

This morning's Press is very interesting because it carries a full page interview with Ron Hay, well-known local vicar (until recently) and now award-winning published author. (Page C6)

Last night Ron won a $10,000 Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust Mind Body Spirit Literary Award for his book Finding the Forgotten God.

The superb interview of Ron by Philip Matthews is also carried on Stuff today. It is a great book and absolutely ought to be on the shelves of every Kiwi Christian (available for lending to non-Christian friends and family) because any other book of this kind is 99.9% likely to have come out of another country and culture.

Congratulations Ron!


Anonymous said...

I have updated my original post to include this excellent news. Congratulations to Ron! And may the book bear much fruit.



Father Ron Smith said...

Loved the title of your thread here, Peter, although I'm not sure whether all books are written for the money they can collect. However, there is so much written today in the field of spirituality, that one hopes the basic desire is not to make money but rather to convey the great love of God as revealed in the Son. Having said that, who would refuse a $10,000 prize? The contents of this one must have pleased someone in the know

Bryden Black said...

For my money Peter, the default secular culture of most western countries is the main reason for Church decline ( as per your latest thread). And so Ron's book, which seeks to address this zeitgeist, is to be greatly lauded!