Friday, August 21, 2015

The most remarkable man of the 20th century?

Bosco Peters has a lovely, thoughtful post on Brother Roger of Taize.

There are many things to ponder in this post (e.g. changing forms of service to connect with those bothering to turn up).

But the ut unum sint in me is particularly taken by these two comments:

"Brother Roger was deeply committed to the task of reconciliation – of having people of different viewpoints listen to one another respectfully and pray and work together without necessarily coming to agree with each other." 
"This community of monks [at Taize] is made up of Roman Catholics, Protestants, Anglicans, and Eastern Orthodox – forming a parable of reconciliation."
 Here is a thought. For Christians 'person of the year' competitions and such like must be judged on likeness to Christ, not on (e.g.) power, wealth or good looks. If we were to ask who was the most Christ-like person of the 20th century, we would have more than a few competitors.

But what is Christ-likeness if it is not being like Christ in reconciling conflicted humanity, in making peace between divided people and in breaking down barriers between separated men and women?

And was not, and is not still today, the great hallmark of Taize that it lives, breathes and prays ut unim sint, the precious prayer of Christ himself?


Father Ron Smith said...

Pope John XXIII, when visiting Taize, called it "A Little Springtime in the Church" - Quite a remarkable statement from the Roman Pontiff - of a Community founded by a Protestant Pastor (who, however, was personally given the Bread of The Eucharist by no less a person than Pope Benedict XV at Pope John Paul II's Funeral in Rome).

No doubt, the Taize Ecumenical Community has caught the imagination of youth the world over. God has richly blessed them.

Bryden Black said...

There is of course one common denominator here: Jesus. Rather than say the Buddha or the Tao or Mohammed. Tho naturally, I am aware many of the younger folk who visit are not at all clear when they arrive just who or what they "believe in".

To that effect, it is good to see the colloquium taking place on Br Roger's theology - and presented to boot by younger (less than 40!) people. What a buzz; oh to be a fly on the wall!