Friday, September 25, 2015

Humpty-Dumpty Updated or, how I can fix the Communion!!

Humpty-Dumpty sat on the wall
Humpty-Dumpty had a great fall
All the king's horses and all the king's men
Couldn't put Humpty-Dumpty together again.

But in the case of the Anglican Communion this is not going to be true.
Humpty Communion Dumpty can be put back together again.

According to Giles Fraser.

There's no need to blame the usual suspects (say) John Spong or Peter Akinola or Gene Robinson or Peter Jensen or Rowan Williams or even Henry VIII for the Communion's 'great fall' in the last decade or so (H/T MCJ for that line).

No, Giles Fraser pins the blame on a man who may not even be an Anglican. And he is not talking about the Pope, the Patriarch or Richard Dawkins.

Tim Berners-Lee, that's the man.

Oh, and maybe all the Anglican bloggers who have taken advantage of hyperlinks!!

But Giles thinks that might be turned around, that Humpty-Dumpty might be put back together again (albeit with changes, more Dumpty-Humpty than Humpty-Dumpty).

Hyperlinks are the Anglican future :)

I shall play my part ...


Father Ron Smith said...

I'm glad you find the enthusiasm and the time, Peter, to read articles by Fr. Giles Fraser in the Guardian (I have actually met Giles, and he really is the nicest person. However, ironically, (in tune with his argument here) if it were not for the w.w.w., you may not have come across his wit and erudition - which has pithy remarks to make about the W.W.A.C. - like this one, for instance:

"Little wonder successive archbishops (of Canterbury, presumably) have loved the Anglican communion. Whereas, in Luton, a few hundred might turn out to greet them. In Lagos, it’s likely to be tens of thousands".

In times past - before today's instant communication of comments made by you and me (and one or two others who have cottoned on to it) the use of the Web was denied to those of us who might even then have helped to bring about climates of opinion that might have changed the face of the Church. Peripateic Popes' journeys, too, might have been limited to the banks of the Tiber.

Today, however, even the Primate of Kenya has an instant audience by virtue (or vice-versa) of the Internet - something he would not have dreamed of before the British Commonwealth expansion was brought to a jarring halt. In today's world the Primates of Gafcon have their own Internet Groupies, who can be mobilised to a Conference at the drip of a stylus, with 'Pay-pal' drawing in contributions from the cyber netherworld of the Republican's deep, deep pockets in North America.
Gafcon Primates can pop up anywhere around the world at a moment's notice - drawing Archbishops of Sydney and South America into instant intimate talk-fests - whereas once they may have begged a lift from a passing hay-wagon on its way to the local market to get to church.

Even Doctor David Virtue can summon support through his oddly-named 'virtueonline' web-site, claiming to be the 'voice of the Orthodox Anglican of the World', culling derogatory remarks from the rampant underbelly of the world's trogladytes - about anyone from the President of the United States to the TEC Primate - all without censure from any Church body, from Canterbury to Constantinople .

This is one reason, Peter, I do not look for the propagation of my own blog-site, kiwianglo, lest I be held responsible for the articles I so meekly peddle around the ether in Aotearoa/New Zealand. I don't want to be held responsible for the breakdown of anything important!
All I want my friends to hear about is my thirst for Gospel Justice.

Anonymous said...

Peter, I have commented on this OP on the earlier thread.

Ron, the ether is everywhere; you will sooner or later be held responsible for the breakdown of misunderstanding very important to those who propagate it. But "blessed are you when men shall revile you..."


Father Ron Smith said...

Thank you, Bowman, for your last comment. I really don't mind being "held responsible for the breakdown of misunderstanding.." Is that not the aim of all who want to see justice done in the world? Agape, Fr.R.

Father Ron Smith said...

Have just looked in on the blog site to whom you have tipped your hat, Peter. Not pretty reading. Obviously, the host doesn't realise that Jesus was crucified for his liberality - his love for/of Sinners.

Unknown said...

Seems He was opposed to sin though.

Father Ron Smith said...

Yes, Maxine, but not to sexuality - a gift from God!