Saturday, September 5, 2015

Motion 30 and the Diocese of Christchurch

Assiduous readers here will recall various posts about Motion 30 - our 2014 General Synod motion concerning the possibility of blessing of same sex partnerships while holding our whole church together by also upholding traditional marriage. Recently I have mentioned some workshops held around the Diocese on Motion 30 and I think I have mentioned the latest news from the Way Forward group set up by Motion 30, that no report and recommendations would be forthcoming this year.

With the next General Synod being May next year, 2016, that has been of concern in our church. At our present Diocese of Christchurch synod we had a motion on the books requesting  General Synod commission a four year period of study prior to making any further decisions.

That motion was carefully debated yesterday and became, via amendment, the following resolution:

"Motion 30: A Time of Education, Discussion and Discernment

That this Diocese requests General Synod to receive (and table) the report from the Motion 30 Way Forward Group and not adopt any recommendations without first referring the report to the Synods, Hui Amorangi & Talanoa of this Church for discussion, and commends to General Synod that it resources a significant period of education, discussion, and discernment throughout this Church."

(For readers unfamiliar with a couple of terms, 'Hui Amorangi' are Maori episcopal unit synods and 'Talanoa' refers to a way of advancing conversation in the Diocese of Polynesia via small discussion groups).

I am personally in agreement with this resolution. I make no further comment here, at least for now. There are things to be done before leaving for today at Synod #chchsynod15 or #chchsynod2015.

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Father Ron Smith said...

Might I say, Peter, a far better resolution that that originally offered - to defer any action on Motion 30 for another 4 years. Procrastination is the thief of time, and justice cannot be delayed.