Monday, September 14, 2015

Spiritual and Sacred Links - Monday 14 September 2015

Supplied by a UK colleague:

#1 Bishop Rennis Ponniah on how to grow in the Christian life and #3 three talks on aspects of marriage; #2. Simon Manchester on the searching questions Jesus asks us and how they lead to growth. #9 there is an early report that the kidnapped Nigerian Anglican bishop of Gwagwalada has been released, but it is a sole report at the moment.  Please pray for him, and for others.

Prayers for you for the coming week.

1. Filled with the fullness of God - Bishop Rennis Ponniah - St Andrews Singapore Audio [Ephesians 3:14-21]

2. Questions in the storm - Simon Manchester - Moore Audio [[Mark 4:35-41] - outstanding

3. Ruth: Lessons for Marriage, Love & Sex - 3 talks from Bishop Rennis Ponniah - St Andrews Singapore Audio [Ruth 1-4]

4. Preaching Ideas and Commentary - Rev Peter Carrell

5. The Sunday Readings - Rev Stephen Trott

6. The bells of  Durham Cathedral - BBC Radio 4

7. Sunday Hour - BBC Radio 2

8. Archived Choral services over the Summer from the chapels of King's College Cambridge
and St John's College, Cambridge
and Trinity College, Cambridge
and New College, Oxford

We give thanks this week for HM the Queen.  Please pray for the peace and safety of Nigeria.  On Friday there was one report of the release of Bishop Moses Bukpe-Tabwaye of Gwagwalada shortly after his car had been found - pray it is confirmed; there was also good news from Ethiopia and Sudan in court cases against Christians, but continued challenges in Syria, Iraq, India and Turkey; and please also pray for the Diocese of South Carolina.

9. Topical Prayers - Church of England
Prayer for the Queen - CofE
Nigeria: Police Say Kidnapped Bishop Moses Tabwaye Has Been Released - Channels TV Lagos
Ethiopia: Ethiopian Christians cleared of holding ‘illegal meetings’ - WWM
Sudan: Church wins legal battle over property - CSW
India: Sixth Indian state seeks to adopt 'Anti-Conversion Law' - WWM
Turkey: Greek Orthodox patriarch urges Turkey to learn from past ethnic tensions - Sunday's Zaman
South Carolina: Prayers from Lent and Beyond

10. Sunday Programme with Edward Stourton - BBC Radio 4

Food for thought [and the aftermath of the Assisted Dying Bill]
11. Evangelism: The Simplicity of Changing the World - Peter Bolt
Assisted Dying Bill defeated by substantial majority - David Pocklington
Assisted Suicide – some reflections from recent history - Stephen Trott
Dignity in Dying and the callous indignity of their spin - Cranmer
Religion and law round-up – 13th September - Frank Cranmer
A city standing on a hill - Ellie Hughes

12. Sam's story - Alpha

13. Engage 2015 with the Rugby World Cup

14. Jerusalem - BBC Proms
More from the last night of the Proms

God bless you

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