Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Christchurch Stations of the Cross - public viewing this weekend

My sister-in-law, Elizabeth Minato, has created a beautiful series of mosaic Stations of the Cross.

They are on display at St John of God, Halswell, Christchurch this week and through the Easter weekend. All are welcome to view.

Viewing details are as follows:

St John of God, Halswell gardens:

Up to Maundy Thursday April 13th Sensory Gardens, St John of God by appointment

April 13th Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Sunday public access to the Stations as they are back in the public gardens at St John of God, adjacent to the carpark: 10:00—4:00pm.

To get to St John of God, I suggest Google Maps!

These are Elizabeth's reflections on the Stations:

The way of life
comments by the artist

I Jesus is condemned to death
We are all condemned by others for things we didn’t do. Sometimes people take their anger out on us, and vent their frustrations and abuse us.
Be true to yourself and live with integrity. Don’t argue with a fool
II Jesus carries his cross
We all have a burden of responsibility. We should accept our responsibilities willingly and carry our burdens big or small, without complaint

III Jesus falls the first time
We all have knocks in life. When things go wrong, have strength, get up, and continue your way. Keep fighting, and don’t give up.

IV Jesus meets his mother
Mary was a special woman who loves us all with the unconditional live of an ideal mother, more than our mothers. She is always there for us. He heart bled for Jesus and it bleeds for us when we are in pain.

V Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry his cross
It’s hard to accept help because we are all proud. At one time of another, we are all vulnerable and we may need to accept help from other as gracefully. Frailty is not weakness: it’s part of being human.

VI Veronica wipes the face of Jesus
Love can remove the mask we hide behind. We all live behind a mask for our own security. Remove this mask and show that you are a loveable person, regardless of your imperfections. Have confidence in yourself.

VII Jesus falls the second time
Jesus was tired, as we all become tired in our lives. Get up and keep going. The path is long but don’t give up.

VIII Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem
Sometimes other people suffocate us with their own needs. We must be empowering to others so they can help themselves and stand proud. Don’t let people become depend upon you. Any of us could die at any time: life goes on

IX Jesus falls the third time
The pain and suffering in this world makes us humble. We can easily be overwhelmed by all the evil that surrounds us. Choose your path and keep going, you are only human

X Jesus is stripped naked
What really matters in life? When all our worldly possessions are gone, what is important to us? Take a good look in the mirror

XI Jesus is nailed to the cross
Accept the consequences of your actions. There is always pain. Maybe the memory of this pain will help you make better choices in the future

XII Jesus dies on the cross
This is the darkest time in Christianity. No-one understood what would happen next. We all have these dark moments when life is at its lowest point. What is there to live for? Is death the easiest/best path? The answer is no! No matter how dark your life becomes, there is always a ray of light, even if you can’t see it now. Never give up hope.

XIII the body of Jesus is taken down from the cross
Grief is a natural part of life. Be honest in your grief. Show sadness when you are sad and mourn loss, bury the dead.

XIV Jesus is laid in the tomb
Gather all your regrets, problems and grievances and place them in a box. Let go. If you truly bury your earthly grief and leave it, then it will be replacing by heavenly grace/ Wait three days, and your problems will disappear.


Father Ron said...

Very few Kiwi Anglicans, I suspect, Peter, would actually have followed the 'Way of The Cross' - as depicted here in the creation of your dear sister-in-law's exhibition,
For us at SMAA, having the 14 wooden carvings affixed to the inside walls of the building; this affords the opportunity to pray as a community at each of the 'Stations' in turn. They are part of or cultural heritage at St. Michael's, but not many Anglican churches in N.Z. are familiar with this ancient (Catholic) tradition.

Peter Carrell said...

Its time is coming, Ron!

Jean said...

We will be doing it at our local Catholic Church on Friday Fr Ron, ecumenical service!