Tuesday, April 4, 2017

On abortion

As we steer away from the You Know What issue, we encounter plenty of other matters which provoke reflection, analysis and careful consideration on matters of human choice in God's world.

One is abortion, nudging its way back into Kiwi consciousness these days as some calls grow louder for abortion law reform (and that direction is not the direction of the article I wish to point you to).

That article is here.

What do you think?

PS We had a great day at the Euthanasia seminar on Saturday. Our local Diocesan magazine editor is working on a report and I am hoping to pen a few words here before the end of the week. But, life is ...


Andrei said...

You can relate this to the previous article (and perhaps Fr Ron's comment on it).

People with functioning consciences know what is right and wrong without much prompting.

Of course not everyone is equipped with a functioning conscience, we call them psychopaths or sociopaths.

When we really want to do something that is wrong we want to be reassured it is not wrong and it is OK to do it.

Thus the fuss over abortion, which I'd suggest most normal people actually think is wrong, if they think about it and which faced with an unexpected pregnancy they may have to.

Effectively in this country we have abortion on demand but to get there hoops have to be jumped through to get the rubber stamp for the procedure to be performed and in the process of hoop jumping is an opportunity for the conscience to start pricking.

Making it simpler reduces the immediate conscience pricking and allows for the procedure to take place more easily.

But for many who have been through the abortion mill a lifetime of regret awaits because once done it cannot be undone

Jean said...

I think the perspective is healthy. It highlights yes women seek abortions for the sake of their mental health due to certain circumstances (which unlike other articles claim can be considered differently from having a mental illness), and it also highlights that having an abortion can also have repercussions for a woman down the line. It helps to see a bit deeper into the reality of abortion than the superficial perception of it being a way to empower women by giving them a choice.

it brings up two important aspects, the need for helping women who feel trapped into having abortion, and education about potential physical and emotional ramifications of having an abortion. In my mind these are more respectful of a women's Rights to health than easier access to abortion procedures.

Not yet having even entered into moral debate about the Childs life.