Saturday, April 1, 2017

Livestreaming today's seminar on Euthanasia

At fairly late notice we are able to confirm that today's event, a seminar on Euthanasia organised by Theology House and the Transitional Cathedral, is able to be livestreamed.

The link is here.

We begin at 9.30 am and conclude at 2.30 pm. (or maybe a little earlier).


Anonymous said...

"or maybe a little earlier" - the new title for your event today.


Bryden Black said...

Love it Bosco! That was a delightful pun - or was it a sick joke (unto a premature death?)?

Trouble when one has to explain jokes - they fall flat ... And even that can be punned. I'd better stop!

But good to see your're in good spirits ahead of Holy Week!

Pax et gaudium, as St Aug wld say, based on Jn 20