Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Anglicans Down Under need your prayers!

There are many prayer needs around the world today, including the need for peaceful resolution of the crisis over North Korea, an end to violence against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, and help for those traumatised by flooding in Asia and in the USA. The needs below are not quite as urgent as such needs for basic human safety and security.

Christchurch Cathedral Decision

This weekend our Diocesan Synod meets to make a decision about the future of our cathedral in the Square. People are already praying, as Bishop Victoria movingly writes this week to her Diocese:

"I am deeply moved that the administrator of the Roman Catholic Diocese, Fr Rick,  asked all the parishes to pray for our Synod last Sunday.  When I was at Laidlaw College addressing a class this week, the class ended its session in prayer for our Synod.  South West Baptist and other churches and denominations have also spent time in prayer on our behalf.  This is such a blessing.  Again I remind you that you are invited to come and  pray in the chapel at St Christopher’s during the business sessions of Synod. "

If you could also pray for us: for wisdom to know what to decide and for courage to make a decision, we would be most grateful.

We debate the cathedral matter through Friday 8 September and vote on it at midday Saturday 9 September. We meet at St Christopher's Avonhead. Synod papers are online here.

Also appreciated would be prayer for our discussion of the Motion 29 Working Group Interim Report (4.30 pm Friday afternoon 8 September).

A prayer to pray for us is here.

Meanwhile ... up the road in Nelson ...

Te Pihopatanga o Aotearoa Election of new Archbishop

This same weekend representatives from all five Tikanga Maori hui amorangi meet in Whakatu/Nelson for their runanganui (whole Tikanga synod) where they will elect a new archbishop. Taonga sets the scene here. Please pray for God's choice to be elected.

And, then, as I write this, across the Ditch

The General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia meet this week

They're slumming it on the Gold Coast, so we should pray for this Synod. Air conditioning to work, that sort of thing :)

Seriously: there are, I gather, a few issues, around and abouts.

Session info is here and you can follow on Twitter at #GS17

Which brings us back to our Synod here in Christchurch and the most important decision of all:

What hashtag to use?????


Anonymous said...


I get confused:
do we vote on this in Houses?
Is it a majority of houses must agree?
Or a simple majority?



Peter Carrell said...

Dear Bosco
Please keep up!
Voting rules on #hashtags, as agreed at the General Social Media Synod Some Time Ago, are very simple:
(1) Only those in the House of Twitter may vote
(2) Either a simple majority prevails, where more than two Tweeters discuss the matter, or FIRST IN FIRST WINS #hashtag
#chchsynod17, it is!