Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Incurvatus in se: who or what are we saved from and/or for?

Saved by grace? Yes, but who or what are we saved from/for?

With H/T to Bryden Black, read this fascinating and provocative post on salvation.

It is about the book, The God Who Saves: A Dogmatic Sketch by David W. Congdon.

I sometimes think that the notion of "being saved" in today's world is increasingly difficult to explain (since many people have no sense of fear of God, of judgment or of damnation, nor is there a sense of being a slave to sin). So I like the idea of being saved from oneself. The idea that we are our own worst enemies is not lost in a world of personal failures and shortcomings.


Andrei said...

I guess my theology says you are not saved but are in the process, God willing, of being saved

And the ultimate goal in achieving salvation is the full reunification with God when his Kingdom comes

No matter how hard we try in the fallen world in which we live we compromise what is right and Godly to survive - for example our tax money funds abortions whether we like it or not and there is little we can do to avoid it short of withdrawing from society entirely the way the Monks of the Holy Mountain do

Father Ron Smith said...

Of course, you are right, Peter. We are being saved from the worst about ourselves - admitting our failings we are accepted by our Creator as erring but beloved children - through the grace of Christ Jesus. Simple but true.