Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What does this say about TEC's character?

Here is a really really nice website, promoting St Brendan's (Anglican) Church in Washington DC.

Okay, so its a daughter church of Falls Church, Truro (i.e. a CANA-now, former-TEC church).

The local episcopalian bishop (the Bishop of Washington) could understandably be unhappy about the presence of this church. Granted.

Its services are held in the Central Union Mission at 5 pm each Sunday.

The Bishop of Washington is one of the parties seeking to sue the local District of Columbia government because they want to help the Central Union Mission with a new location, as reported by Baby Blue.

One hopes that there is no mixing of motives here! That the Bishop of Washington is suing a mission devoted to the needs of homeless people purely and simply because the upholding of the principle of separation of state and religion is an important principle. It may seem incredible that this principle is so important for an episcopalian bishop that its pursuit through the courts is more important than letting charitable gospel actions benefit.

One also trusts, of course, that the hospitality being offered by the Mission to St Brendan's is of no relevance in this episcopal pursuit of constitutional propriety.

Something here seems about a long way from the indaba-ing spirit of Lambeth 2008.

Down here at the end of the Anglican world we need to keep our eyes and ears open to these developments. Some among us laud and praise TEC. But if it comes to taking sides, I hope we understand the true "see you in court" character of this strange ecclesial phenomenon.

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