Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Synod of the Diocese of Nelson (1858-2008)

This year we celebrate 150 years as a Diocese, beginning this Saturday 27th September, when we celebrate the twin promulgation of Queen Victoria announcing that we were to be a Diocese with a Bishop, Edmund Hobhouse, and thus Nelson, his See, was a City (though having then less people than Wasilla, Alaska).

Our annual Synod began last night with a lovely service in Nelson Cathedral with Bishop Richard Ellena, the 10th Bishop of Nelson preaching.

Today we get cracking on the business of Synod.

Four motions I have a particular interest in are:

- a supportive reception of GAFCON and its final declaration
- support for Bishop Bob Duncan of Pittsburgh
- welcome back for Bishop Richard and Hilary Ellena from Lambeth, with reception of the statement of ++Rowan in his last address at that Conference about the onus of proof being on innovators
- a motion from our General Synod approving some alternative eucharistic prayers, a couple of which a truly terrible, so I shall be arguing for rejection of GS's decision.

Will let you know progress! (Though not during the Synod sessions themselves - my laptop has been requisitioned for Powerpoint duties)!!

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