Thursday, September 18, 2008

We are all creationists so do not let Dawkinsians have the final say

This week's Post of the Week is, again, by John Richardson. Its on a current media row over creationism, and highlights the fascist tendencies of some anti-creationists to deny Christians having a voice in public affairs and even in bringing up their own children. Chilling stuff!

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Anonymous said...

Did you ever consider the possibility that all of those who advocate "creationism" are in Reality in Truth actually just as godless as the usual rabid atheist.


Because the "god" thus apppealed to is always considered to be apart from and always separate from both humankind and the world process altogether.

Such a conception is a terrifying fear saturated illusion.

What is more, rather than making Real God your heart-nourishing refuge, it makes Real God your mortal enemy, with which you always at war with.

The same as you always at war with every one and every thing that you presume to be other to you.