Monday, August 3, 2009

I agree with the Presiding Bishop

According to VirtueOnline (H/T to BabyBlueOnline/Anglican Mainstream), Presiding Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori has written a letter to the TEC House of Bishops about the property issues engaging TEC's attention and sparse cash. On one aspect of what she says I am in full agreement:

"I continue to pray that those who have departed can gain clarity about their own identity. If and when they engage a positive missional stance that doesn't seek to replace The Episcopal Church, I do believe we can enter into ecumenical agreements that will make some of the foregoing moot."

It should be no business of ACNA to seek to "replace The Episcopal Church". That is a discourtesy to the family from whence they have departed. TEC is charting a course ACNA disagrees with. ACNA should chart its own course and let TEC's course take it where it will.

I presume that when the Presiding Bishop uses the words "ecumenical agreements", she means "drop the replacement talk and we will talk property deals with you". That is a pretty good offer. Not perfect, of course, but better than "clear off and rent the local school hall".

I hope ACNA can see the grace involved in this offer, and come to the table of discussion. It could help clear the way for ACNA's recognition as a province because there is no chance anytime soon of ACNA being welcomed into the Communion while it's goal is to "replace" TEC.

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