Sunday, August 9, 2009

Prayer request for the Diocese of South Carolina

The after shocks of TEC's GC 2009 continue, and the sharpest of them is shaking up the Diocese of South Carolina. It is seeking to make a wise yet robust response to the future direction of TEC by articulating clearly the changed shape of the relationship of the Diocese to TEC. It will not be business as usual. What the nature of that change will be is being determined through a series of meetings for which prayer has been requested.

Please pray for Bishop Mark Lawrence and diocesan leaders as they seek the mind of God for their future.

Postscript: for insight into Bishop Mark's thinking in the post GC 2009 period, read this post of a transcript of a TV interview. It does not sound like the Diocese of SC is heading to ACNA anytime soon, yet it also sounds like there will be a change in relationship with TEC.

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