Monday, August 3, 2009

Seek and ye shall find ... clarity

Is B033 a statement of moratoriumnal intent re partnered gay or lesbian priests becoming bishops in TEC?

Looks like we will soon find out because not all candidates for forthcoming elections in Los Angeles and Minnesota are celibate or married, as you can read here, here, and there.

Looks like the train may be leaving the station on the Amtrak line, pace ++Rowan's astute metaphor of "two tracks".

(Yes, I know there were gay and lesbian candidates on slates in the years 2006-2009. For whatever reason they did not succeed, the moratorium or "moratorium" held. My prediction is that between the two assistant bishops in Los Angeles and the vacancy in Minnesota, at least one partnered gay or lesbian bishop will succeed. This will be a good thing because (a) we need no longer talk about the moratorium (b) certain blogosphere commentators, and British bishops will be proved right in their understanding of the significance of D025 (c) we can talk meaningfully about how the "two track" Anglican Communion can work (or not).)

God supplies every need. Here is a lovely story about two churches apparently not in "full communion" with each other sharing their church buildings, even when one church accepts the ordination of women and the other does not!

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