Thursday, August 13, 2009

Is Rome a Two Tracks church?

I may be misunderstanding the point of this post of Ruth Gledhill's, which incorporates a long post by Chris Gillebrand who is some kind of expert on Roman liturgics, but it seems to be saying that Rome is a Two Tracks church, similar to our Communion being a Two Tracks Communion. The post is entitled "Rome brings order out of 'liturgical chaos'", but the way that order works is that there are Two Tracks for worship, Up to date liturgy in your own language, and Out of date liturgy in Latin, or, if you prefer, Ersatz liturgy and Real liturgy (I leave you to work out which is which).

Anyway, it's all good from an Anglican perspective, ++Rowan and ++Benedict marching harmoniously to the same two beat tune!

Incidentally, recall that ++Rowan's latest missive declares that Anglican unable to sign up to the Covenant will not represent the Anglican Communion at ecumenical discussions and the like? I get the impression that Romans signing up to the minority liturgical track won't be fast-tracked to represent His Holiness at those same ecumenical occasions!

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