Thursday, November 19, 2009

Archbishop Rowan: stick to your knitting ... and knit a better Anglican habitat

I admire and respect Archbishop Rowan Williams, think him often misunderstood, and unnecessarily criticized. But my admiration is not unqualified, and qualification enters into trying to admire his prognostications on the future of the planet as reported here. It is just nuts to argue that higher taxation will create a better life here on earth. Perhaps in the short term it will do something as present wealth is redistributed, and as we constrain our rampant use of carbon dioxide emitters. In the long-term, however, other solutions are required, solutions which continue to create wealth which people may share in.

Of course, the odd thing about this address of Archbishop Williams is that (a) it involves a clear vision for a better human habitat, and (b) a conviction boldly stated as to the achievement of that vision.

Would that (a) and (b) applied to the Anglican Communion were as forthcoming ...

(H/T Kendall Harmon)

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